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Currently Obsessing Over...Soft Ginger Cookies

I came across a recipe for Soft Ginger Cookies over the internet and was so tempted to make them. At first I stopped myself, ate a few candy corn and decided to go to the gym instead. The next day, still thinking about those cookies. That's it! I'm making these cookies. I realized I won't be satisfied until I do. The best and worst decision I've made in awhile. The cookie dough reminded me so much of our delicious and award-winning Gingerbread Cookies. Soooo good.

As much as I enjoy crispy Gingersnaps, especially this time of year, these chewy Ginger Cookies were even more addicting. I can't stop eating them! I had to start giving them away before I ate all of them. What are you obsessing over during this fall season?


Did you say free cupcakes?

I woke up on a Tuesday morning thinking it would be just like any other work day. Then as I scrolled through my Facebook feed during my commute I discovered this was not an ordinary day. I'm of course FB friends with all my favorite confectionary idols, one of them being Georgetown Cupcakes. According to them this day marked the 10 year anniversary of Crocs! Ew, ok… no I am not excited about Crocs. And no offense to anyone that actually has an interest in those rubbery things, you either love 'em or hate 'em. What was so amazing was that Georgetown Cupcakes was observing this special occasion with a huge pink croc made out of cupcakes right in Time Square. AND… they were giving out FREE cupcakes! I wish I could have seen how much my eyes bulged out of my head as I was reading this. Immediate thoughts… How quickly can I get to Time Square? I'll have to take an "early" lunch. How many cupcakes can I hold at one time? Will I meet Sophie and Katherine again? Is that possible!?!? OMG I love living in New York!

After bursting into work full of excitement and explaining to my superior in a thousand words a minute how exciting this event was, she agreed this was something that could not be missed. Oh the excitement and anxiety of free cupcakes that flowed through my veins until it was time to leave. What if they run out of cupcakes? I can't wait to see one of their cupcake sculptures in person. Screw breakfast and lunch I'm having cupcakes!

As I approached Times Square I immediately recognized those signature pink boxes and people graciously giving out cupcakes! I snatched one up like a marathon runner making quick, direct eye contact with a water station person and grasping without even breaking stride and headed straight for the giant Croc. Eyes on the prize… or in this case another chance to meet my idols. There they are!

My first thoughts were how I was disappointed in their execution of the fondant "Happy 10th" (the graphic designer in me) but I put my criticism aside and made my way to the front of the crowd. They were so nice and bubbly, giving out cupcakes to everyone and taking photos.

I was lucky enough to get another photo with the girls and of their pink crocs. Success!


Win a Dozen Cake Pops!


What do you think these bunnies are talking about? Tell us what you imagine they are saying for a chance to win a dozen cake pops! Comment on this post before noon on Saturday, April 14. One random winner will be chosen and contacted by email.

Thanks for playing!

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Sweets I Hope to Eat

While browsing my fave blogs I can travel across the country without even leaving New York City. I love exploring through other bloggers' adventures. But sometimes there are things you have to experience in person. Which brings me to my new blog series, Sweets I Hope to Eat. I plan on doing a lot of traveling in the remainder of my life. Hopefully I will one day be able to visit all of these bake shops, food trucks and more. Until then, these photos will keep my mouth watering.

First up (my inspiration to start this series), Gourdough's. This donut truck is located in Austin, Texas. Each order consists of an approximate 7 inch plain donut and you pick your toppings. Choose between a Funky Monkey, Mother Clucker, Razzle Dazzle and many more amusing flavors. These pictures blew my mind. Which is exactly why I had to share them. So if you're in the Austin area, be sure to check out Gourdough's. I know this will be my first stop for sure.

photo via

1} Son of a Peach  2} Miss Shortcake  3} Sara's Joy  4} Baby Shaker  5} Funky Monkey


My Sweet Valentine

Today I celebrated Valentine's Day early with the love of my life. Special occasions like this usually begin with a week full of me asking a million questions like "Where are we going?" "What are we doing?" What should I wear?" What time are we leaving?" "Should I bring my camera?"  "What shoes should I wear?" My boyfriend is known for his surprises and is too good at keeping them top secret. I used to hate surprises, but now I love the feeling of the growing anticipation and even more, I love the final reward. 

Our day started with a subway ride, but where to? "What stop are we getting off at?" "Are we going to the Butterfly Conservatory at the Museum of Natural History?" "Are we going to Hoboken to see Buddy?" "Are we going to get the best cookies ever from Levain Bakery?" After entering a a suspicious building with no signage I finally know when we get off the elevator... Couples Massages! Yay!! I was so psyched for my boyfriend to get his first professional massage and even more excited when I found out we were getting chocolate wraps as well! Yum! 

After all the unwinding, relaxing and being lathered in chocolate we were on to the next stop. The best stop of all!!! I was unaware (and seriously lacking on my baking knowledge) that today, February 11, 2012 was the Grand Opening of Georgetown Cupcake Soho. After watching every episode of DC Cupcakes on TLC, Georgetown Cupcake has been on my list of bakeries to visit one day. And here it was in NYC to my delight. I was so excited I could barely narrow down the flavors I wanted to try. 

When we finally made it inside after a long anxious wait in line I was pleasantly amazed by these beautiful cupcake paintings that filled an entire wall. 

When I finally saw the cupcakes in person, I probably changed my mind more than 10 times. They all looked so good! As a special treat everyone received one free cupcake. How sweet! 

Our final picks were (clockwise) Red Velvet, Mint Cookies & Créme, Strawberry and Peanut Butter Fudge. 

And guess who we saw there busting their butts making these delicious cupcakes… Katherine, Sophie and Mommy. 

They were so kind to let me take a photo with them and just as bubbly and pretty as they are on TV. I could not believe I actually got to meet them! Best V-day EVER! I can't even remember what I said to them, I was so star-struck. However, I do remember them commenting on my Johnny Cupcakes hoodie. I ♥ JC. Apparently he's paid them a visit in DC. So crazy! (PS Johnny Earle is next on my list of people I need to meet, right next to my cakepop idol, Angie Dudley)

To top off this incredible day we enjoyed an authentic Chinese dinner in Chinatown (Thanks for the recommendation Esther!) Nothing like getting served a pie dish full of chow mein and the biggest egg rolls I have ever seen. 

That wraps up another delicious affair in NYC with my love. Happy V-day everyone!